Friday, January 23, 2009

A Question of Intent (by Kildyn)

"We have an accord." The words seep over Lady vas Roman's pale hand as Kildyn bends to seal the arrangement with a kiss. He lingers a bit, savoring the taste of her, but then notices Aarkhun smirking as he lifts his glass to his lips.

Kildyn, with arched eyebrow, regards the elven warlock as he returns to his chair. "Mockin' me? Wishin' he thought to charm said strumpet himself? Or, perhaps, he's of a different persuasion and wishin' 'twere him who be the object of me charm!" With that thought, Kildyn raises his glass to Aarkhun and returns the smirk before taking a sip.

The pensive warlock has proven himself a challenge for the wily pirate to solve. Despite his wiry build and fragility, he is a formidable strategist in battle, though sometimes seems conflicted about his choices. Even though he has been in Aengus' company longer than Kildyn's, he seems to remain aloof in regard to the cleric.

"And what of THAT git?" Kildyn's eyes narrow as his glance shifts to the stout Aengus who is picking some remnants of the meal out of his beard. Kildyn recalls the previous day's battle. "People to be saved says he. A fool's errand says I!" Kildyn saw no benefit in challenging "said beasties," and hoped his traveling companions would follow his lead in abandoning the disaster. To Kildyn, it seemed Aarkhun was to do the same, until Kildyn realized the elf was just positioning himself to blast at the fiend with his magic. And there was Aengus, digging away, hoping to save some poor sap who had long since expired. "So who ended up comin' to the goat's aid? Who indeed." Aengus' desire to uphold righteousness intrigues Kildyn. " Had not the fool learnt anythin' from that Brynja he be blubberin' about," Kildyn wonders as Aengus' eyes meet his own. Though the cleric's goat tales are tiresome for the dread pirate, Kildyn is amused by the faith that seems to drive Aengus' conscience.

Faith is not something that clouds Kildyn's existence. Trust and love are also distant attributes to the pirate's character. "'Twill be an eternity before I be makin' such an error again." Kildyn lowers his gaze from Aengus to concentrate on the sediment in his empty goblet, not wanting Aengus, or anyone, to catch the glimmer of despair and regret that teases his eyes. Kildyn begins to reflect on the last time he dared to love.

Rhiannon. To even think the name brings both the heat of rage to his chest and the pulse of desire to his groin so intensely that Kildyn quickly reaches to refill his goblet and take a long draft of wine before he can regain himself. Once a captive of Captain Kildyn Pierce's crew, Rhiannon quickly gained the captain's sympathies and adoration, and the two had a fiery romance as they pillaged and plundered through unsuspecting ports. What Kildyn did not know was that Rhiannon's heart belonged to another aboard The Blue Myst. Paul Wellington, Kildyn's first mate, returned Rhiannon's affections, and the two conspired a mutiny against Captain Pierce, leaving him adrift on the open sea. Then the mists came...

When Kildyn awaoke to find himself alone in this strange time and eerie land, Mordent, he vowed he would never again allow himself to be the object of betrayal. Avenging the memory of Rhiannon, Kildyn feverishly seeks out the favors of the weaker sex. Some succumb. Some do not. But all are left satisfied. Kildyn makes sure of that.

A new grin pulls at Kildyn's mouth as gifts are brought in to be bestowed upon him and his newly found crew. He licks the wine from his lips as he watches the lady of the manor hand a spear to Aarkhun. "'Tis ME spear you'd be wantin' to handle, Poppet," Kildyn chuckles to himself. "Ah, but this be a strange headin' I be followin'. 'Twill be worth me weight in rum, I'd wager," and with that, the dread pirate leans back to rest his boots upon the table.

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