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Campaign Update #13 (by Ironbeard)

In which Whren achieves no small success as an actor and becomes a worshiper of Tiamat . . .

Campaign Time: October 17-October 31, 1051 HR

Even though we did not play for long last session, a surprising number of things developed. On the second day of your travels with Zook’s Show of Wonders, you entered Osvith, a land holding in the possession of Her Holiness, Lady Riminoc, a priestess of Tiamat. Zook set up camp outside of the Village of Rabea, Osvith’s principle settlement. You learned that Lady Riminoc belongs to the House Vershoshar, a Blixtian noble house descended from elven stock. The evening’s show was by all accounts a tremendous success, particular for Whren whose debut was very well received. By artfully combining her acting skills with some crafty prestidigitation, she brought the house down. She did so well, in fact, that later that evening, she was invited to give a private performance before Lady Riminoc herself in the Temple of Tiamat.

Unfortunately, not everyone had such a good time. Whether it was the effects of too much drink before the show or the intoxicating effects of Isa’s temptingly gyrating backside, a Bugbear mercenary in Her Holiness’s employ became aggressive and decided to raise trouble after the performance. Zook felt that it was probably the presence of the elves Aeschere, Quarian, and Tranna that was provoking him. The matter was settled when Aeschere challenged the goblinoid to single combat and slew him taking an ear as a grisly trophy.

Later that evening, Whren performed before Lady Riminoc herself and acquitted herself in spectacular fashion by turning in another brilliant performance. No doubt this was because of her formidable acting skills combined with the effects of a generous dose of “oil of the thespian” with which she had slathered herself before the performance. The lady could also tell (through the use of her mysterious and terrible diving insights) that Whren had recently made a very generous sacrifice at one of Tiamat’s altars (hearken back to the Saben Monastery), a fact that immediately endeared the gnome to the half dragon noble. Lady Riminoc was so taken with Whren, in fact, that she presented her with a finely crafted holy symbol of the Dragon Mother. Whren capped the evening off by making an additional sacrifice to the Scaly Deity and abasing herself in loving devotion before Tiamat’s altar. Perhaps the greatest plum of Whren’s night came when Her Holiness presented the gnome with a letter of introduction to Lady Zemshar of Throdenoth, Riminoc’s sister. If ever in Throdenoth, Whren is urged to seek out Lady Zemshar and perform before her. Whren also learned from the priestess that a sinister religious cult devoted to the Demon Demogorgon has recently sprung up in Blixt and has declared itself to be the enemy of Tiamat’s Church. Any information about this dangerous group that the gnome turns up in her travels would be welcomed and rewarded by Lady Riminoc.

The following day, Zook’s troupe resumed its journey to Throdenoth. The next week and a half passed by rather uneventfully as the group gave two more performances before arriving in the Province’s capital town.

Throdenoth is, of course, the largest town that any of you have ever seen, though it has but a population of 2,500 souls (more than half of which are human). You have learned that Throdenoth is the main power center of the Province of Yarag. It serves as a market for the surrounding baronies and fiefdoms to sell their surplus goods while it simultaneously provides a source for almost all of the manufactured goods, arts and crafts of the province. The roads to and from Throdenoth are busy with two way traffic; foodstuff and raw materials flow into the town and manufactured goods flow out. The town also serves as a clearinghouse and site of hiring for mercenaries. Most of the local lords in the province rely on mercenaries to fulfill their feudal military obligations just as much as they do their local populations. All of the province’s lords have representatives in Throdenoth that hire companies of such. It is ruled by Duke Nogumar, a Very Old Blue Dragon. The city is built on the slopes of a steep and rocky hill that conceals the ruins of a very ancient dwarven settlement. Below the streets of Throdenoth lies a labyrinthine and multi-leveled network of tunnels, galleries, secret passages and rooms, some of which are used by the citizens of the town, most of which are not. Most of these passages and tunnels, however, particularly those of the deepest levels, are uninhabited (by surface folk at least) and have only been explored by the bravest of souls. Most believe that many as of yet discovered areas still lie beneath the hill.

Not long after your arrival, Aeschere went looking for someone to enhance the enchantment on Angel’s Kiss, his Elven long bow. He found such a person in Helmdug, a dwarven artificer. The price that Helmdug asked for the work was higher than that which Aeschere could afford. Fortunately though, he offered a compromise. Helmdug has commissioned Aeschere (and the rest of your party) to explore an ancient dwarven tomb lying beneath the town of Throdenoth, the existence of which he has recently discovered. He is particularly interested in a certain artifact that he has not yet named. If Aeschere returns with the artifact, Helmdug will enchant is bow for a dramitcally reduced rate. He has instructed you to meet either him of his representative two nights hence at a local tavern, The Pikeman’s Revenge. There he will reveal the details of the mission.

So, a great deal has happened and continues to happen. Just to help you keep everything straight the following threads are in play:

1. The Chalice of Eluriand supposedly resides in Throdenoth in the possession of someone named Lakjat.

2. Aeschere has made a deal with a local magic dealer to recover some as of yet unnamed object from an ancient dwarven tomb that lies in the labyrinth of passageways deep beneath the town.

3. Whren has in her possession a letter of introduction from Her Holiness, Lady Riminoc to her sister Lady Zemshar of Throdenoth. The letter bears Her Holiness’s personal seal and is intended to be used as an open invitation to perform before Lady Zemshar.

4. Whren also learned from Lady Riminoc that a secret and dangerous religious cult is operating throughout Blixt, a cult devoted to the worship of the Demon Lord Demogorgon. Her Holiness has offered rewards and favors for any information that may help root out and eliminate this heretical sect.

I’m interested to see what further threads you start in the sessions to come.

So, are we on for the 25th of July?

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