Friday, January 23, 2009

Campaign Update #24 (by Ironbeard)

Farewell Aeschere

On February 19 in the year 1051 by Hrothgar Reckoning the following notification was posted on the public boards in the Town of Farholme. It appeared in all of the major taverns—Ashodel’s, The River Shark and the Copper Bell—as well as the Market Square:

“Be it known by all good citizens of the Free and Self Governed Township of Farholme that, as of yesterday, February 18 in the year One Thousand and Fifty Two by Hrothgar Reckoning, the most notable Heroes of Gwudd Hill have returned from their mission of Vengeance, Retribution, and Reckoning undertaken against our enemies in the Kingdom of Blixt.

The aforementioned Heroes have slain our foe, Baron Malsvir, wrought great Havoc, and made much mischief for the dragon born foes who live across the Gulf of Orm.
Their mission was not without sorrow and tragedy, however, as only two of their original six members survived their fateful and historic mission.

May the Blessings of Pelor and Heironeous shine forever upon the Heroes of Gwudd Hill.”

In the wake of your return, the following things are happening in Farholme.

1. Lord Mayor Aglivale, spokesman for the High Council of the Farholme has asked if Prince Hoondaarh’s hide can be hung outside of the Town Hall as a testament to your bravery. Few citizens of Farholme have ever seen a dragon.

2. The High Council has also voted to give three modest stone houses to you as gifts in addition to platinum pieces that you earned. The houses, which sit atop Weather Rock Hill, Farholme’s most prestigious neighborhood, are intended to entice you to make Farholme a semi-permanent base of operations.

3. Several local Bards are already busy composing songs and odes documenting your achievements. One Bard, Caronwyn of Baedelwort’s Alley, has already penned a rather moving lament chronicling Aeschere’s fall in battle against Prince Hoondaarh. She plans to debut her lament, entitled “The Broken Bow,” on February 20 at Ashodel’s.

4. Several other adventuring companies have expressed their own interest in traveling to Blixt in search of treasure and dragon hides as soon as the spring thaws arrive. The Green Cloaks, The Red Swords and Farholme Four, are some of the more noteworthy companies that have expressed such plans. The High Council plans to meet on the First of March in order to discuss the possibility of providing full or partial funding for such expeditions. You can expect to be invited to contribute to these discussions.

5. Tranna plans on taking employment as a weaver in the shop of Aaethne of East Way, Farholme’s most well known weaver. She is utterly heartbroken and devastated about Aeschere’s death.

6. Yrryg of Canaladaer Keep, who happened to be in Farholme for your return, offers Tilo 1,000 gold pieces if he will write an account of his adventures in Blixt and beyond, a travelogue of sorts. He believes that such work would be in great demand and would find itself copied numerous times by the scribes of the Hrothgar.

Well done everyone!

4,669 xp per PC

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