Friday, January 23, 2009

Campaign Update #23. RIP Ardyth (by Ironbeard)

Campaign Time: January 28 - February 8 1052 HR

And then there were three. Three original members of the Heroes of Gwudd Hill, that is. On January 28 of the year 1052 by Hrothgar Reckoning, Ardyth Lou was slain in the North Hills by “Mother Gray,” a Cave Hag of great infamy. He was felled in the valiant attempt to rescue Tranna, a trusted friend and travelling companion.

Ardyth was killed by a Phantasmal Killer spell, an enchantment that produces an illusory manifestation of one’s worst, most horrific, innermost fears. Interestingly, Ardyth’s worst fear, the nightmare that had haunted more than any other, was the pack of zombies that killed Feng Volen in the ruined village of Kettlemynde. Thus, in a way both Ardyth and Feng, the last original member to die, were killed by the same thing.

Spooky huh.

I for one will miss Ardyth and his flashing scimitars very much.

So when are we playing again?

10th Level PC: 500
9th Level PCs: 675

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