Friday, January 23, 2009

Campaign Update #12 (by Ironbeard)

It was tough going for a while, but after a fierce slugfest, you cleared out the entire Saben Monastery. It was an evening of flying fists and snapping bones. After leaving the monastery, you decided to journey to the northwest, intent on returning Tranna to her home in the Forest of Nan. Though you learned that the Chalice of Eluriand had been sent to one Lakjat of Throdenoth in payment for a debt, you opted to avoid Yarag's capital town, fearing that too many of your enemies might be searching for you there.

Just one day's march away from the monestery however, you met a travelling group of entertainers, Zook's Show of Wonders. The troupe consists of Zook himself, a gnome illusionist, Brrurrn, a female kobold bard, Isa a female human bard (a dancer of no small ability as Ardyth can attest) and a gruff Bugbear guard who speaks very little. Tilo hit upon the idea of joining the troupe and using them as cover to enter Throdenoth. After being promised a solid gold statue of a dragon as compensation (part of the loot stolen from the monastery), Zook agreed to take you on as guards and manual laborers.

All except Whren. After learning that the gnome rogue actually had some acting ability, he has told her to prepare a one act, one gnome scene as part of the show, Whren is told that she will appear after Brrurrn's musical performance on the Hurdy Gurdy and before Isa's dance number.

See you all on Wednesday

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