Friday, January 23, 2009

Campaign Update #11 (by Ironbeard)

Revenge of the Small Races

Campaign Time: October 1 - October 14, 1051 HR

(Sorry about the delay in getting the update posted) After your escape from Baron Malsvir’s castle, having successfully accomplished your mission, your party decided to return Tranna to her home in the Forest of Nan. Two days into the journey, however, you were accosted by agents of Baron Ulrahir, lord of the neighboring holding of Gherv. These agents escorted you to a temporary encampment where the Baron made you his offer.

He explained that he is the first cousin of Malsvir. Malsvir’s sister, Remshvix, is set to inherit his holdings now that he has been murdered. Ulahrisk wished to kill Remshvix and thus inherit the barony for himself as he would be the next legitimate heir in line for the title. This would give him two contiguous Baronies along the coast and considerably enhance is power and prestige.

He cannot murder the good Lady Remshvix himself, however, as that would violate the rightful laws governing inheritance. Lord Hennix, the Earl of Tun, overlord of the entire region would almost certainly deny his right to inherit his cousin’s holding if it was suspected that he killed Remshvix. If a band of dangerous outlaws were to kill her, a band of outlaws that had already been proven quite formidable, then that would be a different matter. After some brief, but canny negotiating, your party accepted Ulrahir’s offer and set off to ambush Remshvix as she journeyed from the Town of Throdenoth to Gix to assume her new role as Baroness.

The ambush took place in a small wood on the southern border of Gix. Despite your careful planning, however, Remshvix, a powerful sorceress, managed to escape by assuming Gaseous form. Having failed to fulfill your end of the bargain and having already received half payment in advance from Ulrahir, your party decided leave the immediate vicinity of Gix as soon as possible and continue.

Your journey continued northward to the banks of the Sevran River. Here, Tranna reminded you that the Saben Monastery lay one days march upstream from this point. Earlier, in Malsvir’s castle, you received intelligence that suggested that one Aksana, a high ranking monk at the monastery, possessed the Chalice of Eluriand. She also revealed that she had heard many rumors that the monks held a variety of powerful magic devices in their treasury. Whether driven by a desire to recover the sacred relic of Pelor or by your own greed, you decided to reconnoiter the monastery in search of an entrance.

Unlike your assault on Malsvir’s castle, this time you opted for stealth and deception. First, you murdered a pair of Mongrelman serfs who were en route to the monastery with a wagonload of supplies. Then, Ardyth, Aeschere, and Quarian concealed themselves within three large barrels on the back of the wagon while Tilo and Whren disguised themselves in the Mongrelmen’s clothes in order to bluff their way past the monastery’s guards. Amazingly, the plan worked. In a move reminiscent of “The Hobbit” the three fighters concealed within the barrels found themselves carried within the monks’ fortress by the monastery’s servants.

After the fall of night, the three of them crept from their hiding place intent on pillaging the place. Meanwhile, outside, Tilo and Whren decide to infiltrate the fortress from above. With the aid of a Fly spell courtesy of Tilo, the two alighted upon the monastery’s roof and quickly dispatched the guard. While other, more timid adventurers might have been content to hold their position, these two pressed on and entered the upper levels of the monastery.

No sooner had they done so, they found themselves face to face with Aksana herself, a powerful monk and a Disciple of the Eye. Worse yet, Aksana was supported by a Lizardman monk and a Kobold Ninja. Their escape cut off, Tilo and Whren had no choice but to fight. In what has to be one of the most memorable combats of this campaign, the Halfling wizard and Gnome rogue actually carried the day and defeated Aksana and her thugs. Superior strategy and a little luck allowed the small races to win this one.

One last detail: The two found a note upon Aksana’s corpse that shed more light upon the whereabouts of the Chalice of Eluriand. This was a note from one “Lakjat of Throdenoth” thanking Aksana for the Chalice that had apparently been given to him in payment to some sort of debt.

Experience Points: 3,270 per PC

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