Friday, January 23, 2009

Campaign Update #15 (by Ironbeard)

Campaign Time: November 3-November 7, 1051 HR

Last night saw some interesting twists and turns indeed. The evening began with some furious action as your party explored the rest of the dwarven tomb deep beneath Throdenoth Hill. First, you returned to the shrine of Moradin where the Dwarven Ancestor who guarded it proved to be less of challenge than he had been the previous evening. Then after plunging deeper into the depths of the tomb, you encountered an old friend (of our gaming group at least) a Boneclaw. Things looked dire until Tilo incinerated the dreaded creature with a cone of fire. On a final note here, you did discover a shaft, apparently not part of the tomb’s original construction that drops to some unknown depth deeper in the earth below the Hill.

After returning to the surface and Zook’s camp, you learned that the Show of Wonders intends to spend the winter in Throdenoth and has sought out more permanent lodgings. The highlight of your first evening back must surely have been Quarian’s seduction of Isa. Whether it was the impressive gift that he presented her with (his old masterwork longsword and the promise of future lessons in its use) or some other factor, Isa agreed to share his bedroll and treated our elven ranger to a truly spectacular evening of carnal pleasures.

On the following evening, Aeschere followed suit and bedded Tranna, after taking her on a shopping trip to Throdenoth’s market square and purchasing a new cloak and hood for her (a beautiful piece fashioned of well oiled deerskin dyed a lustrous black. It is lined with heavy felt for insulation, trimmed with the fur of white rabbits, and secured at the neck with a finely wrought silver chain).

On this same day (November 6), Whren made contact with the town’s Thieves’ Guild and made arrangements to purchase information regarding the existence of a secret entrance into Lakjat’s quarters from the udertunnels.

Perhaps the most interesting development occurred on the morning of November 7 when Aeschere entered the town’s annual archery contest. Aeschere proved himself to be quite a competitor in this match, easily besting most of the opposition and advancing without much trouble through the first and second rounds. Things became problematic , however, before the beginning of the third and final round, the round in which Aeschere had only last year’s champion (a Bugbear named Zorachk) to beat. A cruel surprise revealed itself, however, when the contest official called for a naked gnome prisoner to be brought forth and tied to the target board, a crude bulls eye painted on his chest. The autumn air rang with the prisoner's terrified screams and pleadings. So great was his panic that the little fellow soiled himself while pinioned to the target board, a development the earned cheers of delight from the audience. Forced to decide between shooting to win (thus killing the gnome) or pursuing some other course of action, Aeschere opted to forfeit the contest and claim a moral victory. The crowd, consisting mostly of Bugbear mercenaries and humans of variously unsavory dispositions, jeered and hooted this clear sign of weakness on the archer’s part. Aeschere, however, was not swayed or goaded into changing his position. Soon after, the crowd lost interest in the spectacle of this strangely principled elf and began to break up.

But the morning’s events were not yet over.

As the crowd dispersed, still muttering its disappointment over its unfulfilled blood lust, Tranna quietly approached Aeschere, her movements were purposeful and confident. Meeting his gaze with eyes that shone wetly with tears, she strode up to the archer, twined her arms about his neck, pressed her willowy body against his, and whispered but one phrase in his ear. “Thank you.” She then brushed his lips with a kiss, soft and salty, before returning to her duties at the camp.

Thanks to all of you for a great night of gaming. I had a lot of fun.

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