Friday, January 23, 2009

Campaign Update #8 (by Ironbeard)

Campaign Time: August 1 – August 19, 1051 HR

I must say that it was good to be back with all of you again and to make the acquaintance of the newest member of your group, Quorian (sp?) the Elven Ranger. Last night certainly saw some truly fast and furious action. No less than half a day’s march from the Fortress of Magnir, your were attacked by a prowling Bulette , a fierce beast that you barely slew.

After journeying to the ruined hamlet of Kettlemynde, a site of Feng Volen’s last stand, you learned that the atrocities committed there by the Clergy of Hextor had tainted the entire area with evil. This evil was so powerful in fact, that it had warped the woods outside of Kettlemynde, turning them evil and giving its tree a limited level of sentience and malevolence. Nevertheless, your group bravely travelled through the dark and gloomy wood and arrived in the doomed hamlet of Kettlemynde in late afternoon. You had relatively easy time of clearing the town of zombies and finally decided to put the place to the torch.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about your sojourn in Kettlemynde occurred when Tilo received a message, a Sending spell, informing him that his former friend and lover Hollyhanna Trickfoot had been falsely accused of murder in Northwaite and is awaiting execution.

Things became more much more difficult when you left the hamlet and journeyed back through the forest. On this return journey, you were assailed by a pack of ravenous Ghasts that seemed to rise like phantoms from the forest itself. This fight turned desperate rather quickly as several of you succumbed to the fell creatures’ paralysis touch. Just when things looked must dire and it seemed likely that your bones and souls would be absorbed by the evil woods, Bronwyn managed to call upon the power of Heironeous and turn a significant number of the Ghasts as well as the tide of battle.

Fortunately, the remainder of your two week journey to Northwaite passed rather uneventfully. The evening’s events concluded with your arrival at The Captain’s Lantern, Northwaite’s principle Inn.

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