Thursday, January 22, 2009

The old Blog is Back (sort of)

Follow these directions:

1- sign in to blogger
2- goto
3- click on "follow this blog"
4 - goto "dashboard", and scroll down a bit to see the posts for the last 8 months

I'm not sure how to get the posts back into the main blog, though. Post festum may have to do that since he is the original author.

See, there is hope after all!

1 comment:

post festum said...

Sorry to disappoint but I think the 8 months of posts viewable in the little Dashboard reader might turn out to be just a tease. I've still more research to do, but it is increasingly looking like there is no way to restore complete posts, including comments and images to the new site. In fact, I predict that you will be able to access fewer and fewer previous posts using the Dashboard viewer as Google continuously updates its cache.

I'll keep at it though. But it is increasingly looking like we should kick off our shoes and make ourselves at home in this new place.