Friday, January 23, 2009

Campaign Update #14 (by Ironbeard)

Campaign Time: October 31 - November 2, 1051 HR

Last evening witnessed a variety of events and a couple of scary moments for the heroes of Gwudd Hill. You spent the day of October 31 exploring the town of Throdenoth and trying to gather information about your upcoming endeavors and adversaries. Some of the highlights: Quarian discovered a writ of outlawry posted for your group offering a bounty of 500 gp for each of your heads. Quarian also killed a bugbear who attempted to start a fight with him in The Pikeman’s Revenge, the only tavern in town that serves elves. You learned that an archery contest will be held in the Market Square on November 7, the winner’s purse being 500 gp. Lakjat, as you discovered, is an arcane surgeon and a citizen of prominence in the town. Whren also learned that the Thieves’ Guild in Throdenoth is rather powerful and that she can make contact with them by seeking out Gruschow, a legless goblin beggar who can be found every day in the Market between the fruit vendor and a kiosk that sells used clothes.

On November 1, you met Helmdug the dwarven artificer and his associate, Kipper. Kipper led you on a long journey that led deeper and deeper into the labyrinthine maze of tunnels that that honeycomb the Great Hill upon which Throdenoth has been built, finally arriving at the secret entrance to the dwarven tomb. Therein, you encountered a host of difficulties: deadly traps, a tomb spider and her horrific offspring, and a dwarven ancestor that came within a hair’s breadth of ending Aeschere’s life. You did manage to locate and secure what appears to be the ancient scrolls that Helmdug sent you recover. Quarian also acquired a weapon of some great power, Vengläk, a sword of Orcs Bane. The evenings events ended when, battered and bloodied, with Tilo and Aeschere unconscious but stable and likely to recover, you decided to camp in the entrance hall of the tomb, apparently intent on continuing your explorations that following day.

Good work everyone. I thought you all fought quite well and worked together as a team.

Experience: 2,030 per PC

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