Saturday, February 21, 2009

Next Game Night

Since our discussion of our next session is now somewhere far below, I thought I would put up a new post. Our next game night is going to be Friday, March 6. I think this works for everyone, but if it doesn't, please let us know. Heather and I can either host or travel.

Shall we try to plan another session for either March 20th or March 21st? That's nearly a month away, but it's always good to be proactive.


Ironbeard said...

I'm in for the 6th of March

post festum said...

I'm in for the 3/6 as well.

But the weekend of 3/20-22 is out for me. I've got commitments on both Saturday and Sunday that make the entire weekend unworkable. As always, don't let me schedule stop the rest of you.

Erth said...

Hey guys.

I am looking forward to the 6th and seeing what awaits us all in that foul tower. I will also be available during the 20-21st, but not the following weekend.