Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Curious Tale of Puff the Magic Icosahedron

My daughter simply loves her 20-sided pillow...She giggles and squeals whenever we play with it.  And she loves to smother her face into it and laugh and laugh.

I've been meaning to thank Heb and the dm again for such a thoughtful gift, but an episode happened over break that made me resolve to post that thanks and include a couple of "Thank You" pics from Sophie as well.

You see, Sophie soooo loves this pillow that it had to be include in the list of essentials that were packed into our rental car to take on the 6 day trek to Grand Rapids and Port Huron, MI.  So, along with bottles and diapers and suitcases and snacks, we brought this tie-died 20-sided pillow along in the back seat.

As we returned home around 1am last week, Regina sat in the back with the baby while I drove with a basket full of toys in the passenger seat next to me.  As we got off the turnpike near Rochester, a tall, pony-tailed late 30s early 40s male attendant took my ticket and money and proceeded to simply stare at me...

"What have you got in there?" He said.  I was surprised since these robots never chat and I instantly felt like I was being interrogated by the police.

"What?" I said, eyes blurry from the long drive.

"What have you got?  A life-sized d&d set to go with it?"     I instantly remembered that the pillow sat atop the basket of toys in the passenger seat.  What a strange sight I must have been driving so late with a large, stuffed icsoahedron next to me.  He recognized the pillow for what it was instantly.

Of course I told him about what a wonderful present it was from my friends who - like he - appreciate things like this...And we both had a really good laugh, and he shot me a knowing-smile.  He was clearly envious.

Thanks again, from all of us over here at Roslyn Street.



Ironbeard said...

Oh man. What great pictures and what a nice story. Waking up and seeing Sophia on the blog first thing was a wonderful way to start my day.

Inakai said...

Thank you for such ardent gratitude!! I'm sooo happy your little halfling princess loves her gift so much. She's so adorable!!

Aeschere said...

What a great story, and what a wonderful happenstance that the booth you pulled up to was staffed by a groovy gamer with a ponytail, and not some chain-smoking old zombie, which is usually what I see working the toll booths. I really can't clain any credit at all for the d20, as my role was limited to saying, "Yes, that's a great idea, Heather!"

I'm not even going to try to find words to describe how damn cute Sophia is. If you ever need a sitter, all you need to do is call.

post festum said...

Thank you both (and you, too, Ironbeard...Very kind)!

Did I mention that in the photo second from the top the little thing is pointing out that she was attacking with a Bastard sword, and, thus, had rolled a potential critical hit awaiting confirmation.

Silly me. I had forgotten that all Bastard swords had a 19-20/x2 critical range.