Saturday, February 7, 2009

Campaign Update #3. A City, a Tower, and a New Companion

May 8-9, 2008

As you sailed into Kharschum at dusk on May 8th with the orc barge in tow, you were met by a skiff commanded by a young man named Beghter, who identified himself as an officer of the city guard. He challenged you to identify yourselves and inquired about your business in Kharschum, and Alayna, acting as ambassador for the party, not only answered the questions to Beghter's satisfaction, but impressed him so much with her charm that he became quite friendly, and allowed her to ride with him in the skiff to shore. Beghter and his subordinates towed the Scarlet Lady into berths on the Isle of Shackles, and you disembarked to meet Captain Lazlo, a pompous, rotund officer with a waxed mustache and long, curly hair. Lazlo questioned you himself, and eventually agreed to buy the orc barge and pay you a bounty on the dead orcs, the total of which was 6,000 gold pieces. He directed you to the Sailor's Guild for the reward for returning the Scarlet Lady.

At the Sailor's Guild, you met the bartender, Tolui, a plump, bearded man, and Khasar, head of the guild. Khasar paid you 2,000 gold pieces for the Scarlet Lady's return. You made quite a few new friends friends when Hrolff bought a round of drinks for everyone, and were drinking and telling tales of your voyage from Tigalda when you overhead that there was a fight going down out in the dockyard. When you walked outside to investigate, you saw a dwarf surrounded by four humans and two hobgoblins. As the six thugs closed in on the dwarf and attacked him with their greatclubs, you decided to intervene. After making short work of the thugs, your party had a new member: Ulfgar, a Vidlag barbarian who explained that he had provoked the thugs by winning their money in a card game.

You spent the night at the Sailor's Guild, and the following day, May 9th, you began to explore the Eastern City. You visited a temple of Pelor, and did some shopping in a former temple that is now a flea market. There you purchased a Cure Critical Wounds potion, while Alayna and Kyr liberated a pair of Boots of Elvenkind and an Amulet of Natural Armor +1. The combination of Alayna's sorcery and Kyr's thieving abilities shows interesting potential, to say the least.

You met a blacksmith named Ivan, passed a strange tower that you later learned is inhabited by a wizard named Ogodei, and ventured into the Red Light District, where you spoke to Bruuka, a half-orc pawnbroker who tipped you off that Ophidia, the head of a criminal organization known as the Red Nails, was interested in an item that Ogodei owned. You wandered into the Mask and the Mirror, and discovered that it was owned by none other than Ophidia. After some brief negotiations with Amira, one of Ophidia's subordinates, you agreed to enter the tower and steal an exquisitely-crafted mirror from the wizard, for which Amira offered you 8,000 gold pieces.

After a brief rest at the Sailor's Guild, you returned to the tower and discovered a secret entrance in an adjacent shop named Silks and Sundries. You encountered two traps, one of which sent Kyr plummeting a hundred feet into the web of a huge, monstrous spider. With the help of a Baleful Transposition spell, you easily killed the spider and rescued Kyr. As you ascended the tower, you encountered two flesh golems and two mohrgs, all of which you slew with little trouble. We will pick up next time exactly where we left off: somewhere in Ogodei's tower, with the mirror and any number of dangers on the floors above you.

Experience Points
7th Level Characters: 2,625
8th Level Characters: 2,025


Ironbeard said...

Thanks DM for a fun night of gaming. I think, for me, my favorite part was Alayna and Kyr's thieving in the flea market.

When are we playing again?

I can play Friday 2/13, Friday 2/20, and Friday or Saturday 2/27 and 2/28. All of winter recess is also available, though I know that might be tricky for those who do not have the week off.

Inakai said...

I have really enjoyed the roleplaying. Especially in the city.

Inakai and Kier won't be playing on the 20th since we are going to see Sweeney Todd for my birthday. The DM will have to let everyone know when we'll play again after we figure out babysitting arrangements.

post festum said...

My thanks as well! There was no way Pangold was going to pass up a chance to "scale" his very own Elephant Tower! I've really enjoyed each of the combat encounters from the other night, as well as all of them from this leg of the Campaign, come to think of it.

You've done a great job setting each combat encounter into a unique setting that has challenges in its own right, and I know just how much work this takes. Thanks again.

As for next dates: I'll get back to the group in the next day or so as we are currently planning a trip to MI sometime over break. Once our dates are firmed, I'll join the conversation.

Aeschere said...

Thanks so much for the compliments. I am enjoying myself immensely, both planning and playing. It certainly does take a lot of time, but I love it, and have to force myself to work on other, work-related things. I can't wait to pick up next session.

Speaking of which, we can play Friday 2/27 and Saturday 2/28. If everybody else is available this Friday, we could do that as well, though I understand that three weeks in a row is rather unprecedented. Domenick, Angelina can sleep over if you have her next weekend.

Ironbeard said...

Unprecedented or not, I could play this Friday. I have just checked with my spouse and, praise be unto her, she gave me the thumbs up.

And the 26th and 27th are fine as well.

That would be very cool. I am very excited to further explore the sinister mysteries of Ogodei's tower.

camp17 said...
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camp17 said...

I can do next weekend... with Angelina. Friday?? Given that Saturday is Valentine's Day I wouldn't want our DM to take a critical hit for entertaining a bunch-o-burbon swiggers rather than his lovely wife (unless of course he roles a massive Will Save). I can play either day seeing as I have no significant other.
BTW I thought play this past session was awesome. Still in shock from Olwe announcing it was 3AM!!! The night went fast! Ulfgar thanks the party again for their assistance with the cheaters... even though he still maintains that he could have taken em all. By the Blood of Gorham!!!

camp17 said...

Comments on new pic?? Too bad he doesn't have a red beard. Stay tuned for his back story and a little insight to his broodings. Like the DM I should try to do a little real world work.

Aeschere said...

Actually, this Friday doesn't work. I wasn't aware that Heather had been hoping to attend a scrapbook retreat, so why don't we just shoot for the weekend of the 27th and 28th. We can do either night. Sorry about the confusion.

Inakai said...

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine's Day is not such a big deal to me. I think it's overly-commercialized and really kind of silly, so I wouldn't mind playing, but now we have made plans to go to Lockport, anyway. :)

BTW, thanks for referring to me as "lovely". Or, wait a mintue, were you being sarcastic?

camp17 said...

Actually no sarcasm was intended (must be getting soft in my old age)... although it was a perfect opportunity.
The weekend of the 27th I have Angelina. I like it way better when we play on my bachelor weekends rather than my "daddy" weekends. Well let me know what you want to do.. My place is always available. I even cleared most of my crap out of the living room today.

Inakai said...

You guys can always play sans Inakai and Kier. I don't want to hold up the progress of the game.

zenpablo said...

3AM does seem to arrive quickly on game nights. The adventuring has been quite engaging and an eagerness to continue has begun haunting me between sessions since I've joined up with you all. And Erth is no doubt glad to have tagged along given the various unnatural beasties on the loose that need vanquishing and this group's skill at doing the vanquishing. Well played everyone.

I do believe I am free on the 27th and 28th.