Saturday, July 11, 2009

Experience Points

I will post a detailed recap as soon as I have a chance, but I do want to post the experience point totals from last night's adventuring. This version of the game awards bonus experience points if a character has a high wisdom or charisma, or has a high score in his/her prime attribute, so I will list those separately.

Base Experience Points: 209
If your character's wisdom score is 13 or higher, add 10 additional XP
If your character's charisma score is 13 or higher, add an additional 10 XP
If your human or dwarven character's prime attribute is 13 or higher, add 10 XP
If your elven character's prime attribute is 15 or higher, add 10 XP.

These bonuses stack, so a character can gain a total of 30 bonus XP.


Quarian's Ghost said...

duh at the risk of sounding like I have a low intellegence score. .. Prime Attribute???

Aeschere said...

Your characters are both fighters, so their prime attribute is strength. It is basically the ability that is most important to given class. For magic-users it's intelligence, and for clerics, it is wisdom.